Microsoft spends another $100M

Powerset, a natural language search engine, has been aquired by Microsoft for just over $100M. The amazing thing is, Powerset never got past searching Wikipedia! For a company that didn’t undertake indexing the web in general, $100M is a pretty nice pricetag, in my opinion.

Search engine shenanigans

Google’s in some heat because they don’t link to their privacy policy in a prominent way. Being the optimist that is, they jump into the fray with a release saying, “As of today, has added a direct link to our privacy policy via a ‘Privacy’ link prominently placed right on our homepage. It is only one of four non-search related weblinks on our homepage.”

If only I was an artist – I’d draw attacking Google with a pea-shooter. But is it an attack, or just a company gaining some extra exposure through a simple, yet smart adjustment to their homepage? I vote the latter…

Microsoft gained it’s own headlines by announcing a partnership with YuMe and and acquisition of Navic. Navic is a TV advertising company and YuMe is the largest provider of online video ads. Will Microsoft’s effort in the world of video advertising sway Google? Regardless, it looks like Microsoft has some buying power now that the Yahoo! deal has lost steam.

Of course, Yahoo! and Google have their paid search placement scheme, a setup that will benefit both companies, which is commented on further on Google’s blog.

Speaking of Yahoo!, is anybody keeping a tally of how many major players have left the company recently?